Comprechensive Machinery Insurance


This policy aims to provide affordable comprehensive insurance coverage to Urban and Rural women.

Policy provides coverage as under: -

a) Death and permanent total disablement due to surgical operations such as sterilization, caesarean, death at the time of childbirth provided that such death occurs during the surgical operation in hospital/nursing home or whilst being in the hospital/nursing home after such surgery convalescence.

b) Death or disablement due to riot, strike & Civil Commotion.

c) Loss or damage to household goods/personal effects of the insured as declared along with proposal value not exceeding Tk 1,00,000.00 whilst inside the premises as mentioned   in the schedule due to fire, lightning, riot, storm, typhoon, flood, cyclone & earthquake will be payable as per schedule to indemnify i.e. market value of loss & insurance Law & practice and also terms conditions & exceptions contained hereinafter and so far as they may apply.

d) Death or disablement due to insect, snake or animal bite,

e) Trauma Allowance in case of Rape, Road Bully, Robbery, Acid Victim Maximum Tk.25,000/=