Workmens Compensation


This type of policy are designed to provide protection to the employer (Insured) in respect of the legal liabilities that might devolve on him arising out of accidental death or bodily injury to his employees in course of work. All such financial liabilities are covered by this policy. This type of insurance provides covers death & or personal injury by accident or disease arising out of & in the course of his employment by the insured in the business & if the insured shall be liable to pay compensation for such injury either under the Law (s) set out in the schedule or at common law.

Policy exclusions;

1. Accident due to Civil war Riot, Strike Civil commotion, Mutiny.

2. The insured’s liability to employees of contractors to the insured.

3.Any employee who is not a “Workman” within the meaning of law(s)

4. Any sum which the insured would have been entitle to recover fromany party but for an agreement between the insured and such party.